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Mobile Auto Detailing

The convenience of mobile auto detailing is truly one of modern life’s great perks. One of the best parts of mobile detailing has to be the fact that you aren’t required to do any waiting! Your car comes out looking new and you don’t miss a single beat, whether at work or at home. Schedule a detail with Planet Auto and prepare yourself for out of this world enhancement.  


Here in the Orlando area, your car is regularly subjected to destructive elements like sunlight, acid rain, and oxidation. When you have your car waxed at Planet Auto Detailing, you’re adding a protective barrier over the paint and extending the overall value of your vehicle. Oh and hey, you’re also making it look exceptionally attractive!

Mobile Car Wash

Our customers are busy professionals. By offering expert mobile car washes, we’re able to deliver incredible value without asking them to even break stride! Located in central Florida or Orlando and short on time? Relax. We’ll bring the clean to you!

Leather Treatment

Maintain your car’s silky smooth touch with leather treatments by Planet Auto Detailing. Our car leather conditioner, or car leather cleaner, is an oil-based substance that can do wonders for your vehicle. The professionals at Planet Auto Detailing have the equipment and the expertise to deliver an exceptional leather treatment every time!

Planet Auto Detailing

Out of This World Enhancement

Perfecting your vehicle's appearance is our greatest passion. Save time, save money, and give your vehicle the benefit of renewal with Planet Auto Detailing here in Orlando.


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